The Dragonology Project

A Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon

Pandora’s Box

I am back to a point in my life where music once again affects me deeply on an emotional level after going through many years during which I hardly listened to music at all. When I drove, it was always with the radio/CD player turned off. I never just sat & listened to music. I…

Ridiculous Dragonist Beliefs

The Earth is a Dragon.The Solar System is a Spaceship.The Crop Circles are Dragon Doodles.The UFOs ARE the Extra-Terrestrial Beings, which are NOT Dragons.Homo Sapiens is an Extra-Terrestrial Being.There is an in-between placed called the Astral Plane [Gyro] where the Creatures of the Imagination all hang out together.Such Imaginary Creatures are as Real as Elephants…

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