The Dragonology Project

The Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon

My Own Dragon Interior Decorating Style

I Call it “Dragon Funk Shui”To Keep It Not X-Rated! Go Figure It Out! Whatever It Takes,To Be Beautifully Complicated! Filling My Home,With the Different Kinds of “-scopes”And Hoardes of Pretty Little Shiny Things! Like Maidens With Fairy Wings! And Faeries Sporting Penises!

I have streamlined my “PDM” (“Personal Dragon Mantra”)

& Enquiry Into the Cost of a Front Porch SignIs Now Underway. It will be a “Hot Pinky Red” Color in Perfect Mimicry of Vegas Neon Signage that is sure to annoy any “Curmudgeon” or “Prude” in “The Neighborhood” and here is what it will say… “Make Love & Beauty”“Your Only Duty” I might even […]

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