The Dragonology Project

The Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon

I have streamlined my “PDM” (“Personal Dragon Mantra”)

& Enquiry Into the Cost of a Front Porch SignIs Now Underway. It will be a “Hot Pinky Red” Color in Perfect Mimicry of Vegas Neon Signage that is sure to annoy any “Curmudgeon” or “Prude” in “The Neighborhood” and here is what it will say… “Make Love & Beauty”“Your Only Duty” I might even […]

“TICKL…E Bee Boson For Sale”

TICKL…E = Targeted Imaginational Compassionality, Kaleidoscopic, Luminiferous, Catalytic… and Enigmatic… It Only Takes a TICKL…E to Pluck This World From Dragon Claw If Your Atomic Heart Demands From the Place of Quantum Glee! Golden Honey Buddha Trickle’s DelightFor Subatomic Honey Bees! Go Round and Round My Little Rumi Bee!I Gotta Light Speed Bee Blanket For […]

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