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The Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon

Dragon Religion What-If

Death is the Inevitable EndOf All “This Life on Earths,”As the Stoics Said. And There Is a Reason Why“Academic” is So-Named;Because It IS… “Merely Academic Now,”As the Skeptics Said. And the Moral CompassNow Lies Broken,As Nietzsche Said. So, Put Down Your Moral CompassAnd Pick Up Your Gyroscope Instead,As The Epicureans Said. Did I Ever Tell […]

What I Became When I Stopped

An Ascendor from the Gyro of the EarthTo the Gyro of the Sun! Who Sees the Gyro in the RoomWith Psychedelic Dragon Diamond Eyes. Riding the Jupiter DragonLike the Witch Rides Her Broom! Breaking all Trans-SaturnianWarp Speed Limits… You Better Watch Out!I Got a Kuiper BeltHolding Up These Dragon Pants. Oh, and By the Way,Don’t […]

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