Detonation 0

Human progress has run into a bit of a kink here. We have bought into the notion that Science is the correct explanation and Myth is the false explanation. So, we have abandoned our belief in Myth… to our distinct disadvantage. Actually, Science is the Explanation, and Myth is the Interpretation. But since we have misapprehended this and abandoned Myth, the Interpretation is missing.

The purpose of the Dragonology Project is to begin to provide the (perhaps feeble, certainly open-ended, and likely subject to revision) beginning of the missing Interpretation.

Yeah, I realize that this is completely incomprehensible to some of you. Literary is the Easy Button. Just think of them as Dragon haikus or something. But for those that know how to use them, they are bags of diamonds. Nobody is disinvited because that is impossible. Besides, I may succeed in juxtaposing a few piles of Human Stones… into Dragon Bones! <– insert diabolical laughter here.

So coded its loaded. That’s what I say. I don’t know if its me working the Chaos Miracle or Chaos working the me Miracle. Does it matter? The real question is, does it MAKE matter? Because, if it does…

any Dragon Thing is possible!

End Open Channel Transmission.

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