Detonation 1


Look deeply into the structure of the Kryptozoetikon
With the Eye of your Mind’s Imagination.
What do you see?

Perhaps, the Mason’s Compass and Square?
Certainly, some kind of an Architect is here apparently at Play.

I will tell you what I have seen…

A Dragon’s ringing Tooth and mighty keeping Claw.
One retina and many corneas,
For the Dragon’s telesmatic Diamond Eye.
With a Dragon Mind of Fire encrypted behind.

Precipitating the Light
Into the Open Channel
For the Juxtaposition of the Parts of All.

What does the Dragon keep in that Claw?

Something invisible, not seen,
But universally,
The working of every Dragon Miracle,
Resulting in…

All things seen,
Heard, touched, tasted, conceived…
And even imagined.

The Gyronoesis…
But there are many of them…
An in-the-finite number of them,
To be precise.

None of them live forever.
But they are all Immortal.

These Dragons are our allies,
And friends, teachers and protectors,
And dealers of consequence,
And fate…

No. They are not always on our side.
Because we are not yet always on theirs.

So we mostly know them via…
Earthquakes and floods, storms,
Volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, and comet and meteor strikes,

This catabolic aspect of the Dragon
Is magnificently and supremely…
Utterly terrifying.
As it should be.

And we must love it.
We are compelled to love it.
We cannot help ourselves.
We are drawn to it like the moth to the flame,
Or the lemming to the sea.

For we also know the anabolic aspect of the Dragon.

Open Channel 23 is what the Dragon is transmitting into…
The coded Mathesis and divine Ekstasis…
Of Indestructible Life…
Of Immortality.

We are the Receivers.
Got it?
This is why, in the Phaedo,
Socrates said…

NOTHING is more important than our Mission,
That we care for the very Life Force within us,
The Gift of Immortality the Dragon gave us.
Not for its own sake.
Not for the sake of the Immortality itself.
But for the sake of the Mission.
On which the Dragon has sent us.
Because the Dragon needs us.
That’s right.
You heard me right…

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