Detonation… Into the Light

Witness the Precipitation of the Light
Plunging, into Indestructible Life!
In Eternal Ekstatic Flight!

As it was from the very Beginning…
As it will be, to the very Ending…

The Light, via this Precipitation,
Leaves trees in its wake.

Do you see their trunks, branches and leaves?
Do you see the living turbulence 1 that is left behind?

By the Precipitation of the Light?


  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe

Michael S. Schneider
Harper Collins 1994
pp. 162 –
The shapes of the Siberian Elm trees in my back yard are like the turbulence that curls back upon itself after the plunge into the water.
As it is with the Water… so it is with the Light… and with the Life.

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