At the End of the Dragon Road

I had driven down that long and dusty extra-terrestrial highway…
And I was lost.
I saw a dinosaur pissing by the side of the road.
So I pulled over…
And I asked for directions.

“Excuse me, Mr. Dinosaur!”
“Do you know the road the the Gyronoetikon place?”

The dinosaur fluttered its eyes and smiled at me.

“Dear Mr. Human Stone!”
“To go the Gyronoetikon Way,”
“You must first enter the Gates of Midian.”
“Go through where the Monsters live!”
“Then pass beyond it…”
“Even beyond Far Tharathrok…”
“Keep going…”

“Deep Pellucidar you will find…”
“At the center…”
“Where the Gravities meet.”

“You will find your Gyronoetikon,”
“Spinning your World’s Mind,”
“As if it were a passing thought!”

“Then you will Grieve,”
“For what you never Knew you had!”

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