Green Egg

I hope they recover the few missing issues they are looking for. Then I can buy them all and maybe even have them in print. It looks like they are wide open for submissions so I wrote a little 2,000-word Dragon essay called Kryptozoesis & e-mailed it to their editor it for consideration. We will see. I have also posted it here as a page under the menus accessible via the square button near the left edge of this homepage.

I originally envisioned just a second essay called Gyronoetiks but now I think I need a bridging essay called The Dragon Connection. I should keep them all to about 2,000 words in length. Kryptozoesis had some fun autobiographical stuff in there and admittedly I packed a lot of hooks and hints in there which will eventually come out. The Dragon Connection essay will also have some biographical material in it, as will the Gyronoetiks essay.

The Dragon has been a personal journey for me, starting in about 1981, at a time when I was steeping in the writings of Jung, and the Arthurian mythos. I saw the movie Excalibur, and what Nicole Williams, as Merlin, said, was the first hook that drew me in. He said, “The Dragon is everywhere! It is in every thing!” Kind of like in Hinduism, you know. Not just one divine being, but many, of many diverse kinds. By the 2003 came, the Dragon became what, for many other people, is God, or Goddess. It was in 2003 that I came up with the name, Kryptozoetikon for that Prime number 13 symbol and connected it in my imagination to the Dragon, which I took to be the underlying life force of the cosmos. I further associated it with three female Dragons, Kathoxis, Ekhtrosokht, and, Galaiyah. I called them the Stellar Dragons, or, the Dragons of the Telestarion. Yes, I was engaging in some Greek reconstructionist imagineering in 2003, with Eleusinian elements tossed into the Dragon salad. My Stellar Dragons are Dragon versions of the Greek gods Chaos, Eros, and Gaia. I started building a whole Dragon genealogy. I spun the mythic story of the Gyronoetikon in 2003, and you will recognize further Greek elements in there as well. Then, in 2008, at a Desert Moon Circle Fall Equinox, where we get into imagineering and performing our own unique, experimental rituals, I invoked my muse, Kalliope (I always spell her name with a K), and married my Dragon… oh, and I legally changed my name to Herman Bright Triplegood and started spreading the rumor that I was, in fact, the Second Coming of Hermes Thrice Greatest. By the time 2011 came… I had to flee. Now I am flung… and ready. To write. Kind of like being ready to RUMBLE…

So, you see, these three little essays kind of clue you in on what mythical and thaumaturgickal mischief I am up to, and, if you do Dragon, you ARE being a Mischief, like Loki, or Eris, or Discordia, and you are being, deep down inside, a Chaos Magician.

So… there you have it… I am a thaumaturgickal anarchist… and I am loving every Dragon minute of it!

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