Dragons, Virginia! Dragons!

Yes, Virginia, the Dragon is the true underlying source of all Life in the Multiverse. You see it in the growth, propagation, and decay of all living beings. You see it in the weather. In the volcanism. In the geomagnetism. In the stellar nucleosynthesis. In the reverberations of the Dark Matter that creates the stars and the planets. You even see it in the breaking of the supersymmetry that created matter itself. It does not have a plan, Virginia. It does not think that way. It has a strategy instead.

What? Oh, most certainly, Virginia! The Dragon has a Mind. It IS a Mind. It is the Mind of Fire, the Pymander, not a Nous. It is, in fact, the very Intellect of the Imagination itself. It is the Intellect of ALL imaginations. Even the Imaginations of Worlds, Virginia!

In order to fully grasp this Hermeticum, Virginia…

The Jupiter Dragon has to go to the Sun.

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