Just One Little Thing

On my tombstone it will simply say… getting to know our Dragon.

Simple. Case closed. Done deal. Mission accomplished. That, right there, is the One little Thing, the Only Thing, you have to do… just, get to know our Dragon.


Well, don’t blame ME if your treasured One Little Thing turns out to be a Russian nested doll of infinities, multiplicities, and juxtapositionalities!

I didn’t do it.

Dragon did it.

Besides, you didn’t specify which infinity you wanted, so, Dragon gave you all of them. Have fun! Do be careful!

May I suggest that you simply just relax into it all and just ride the apocalyptic Dragon wave of the Gyronoesis and just see where it takes you? You may be surprised! But nobody, not even me, can guarantee it won’t be an unpleasant surprise.

Dragon has no time to play nice with us. We either get in the game or we will be left behind, forgotten, extincted.

Dragon is REAL good at extincting things. Go ask the dinosaurs. Oh yeah! That’s right… you can’t… because they are… EXTINCT!

Dumb shit!

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