Dragon Alphabet Soup Backwards Is Sad



Panam. Remember them?

Something to fry just about anything in.


A Pan.

Some goat guy with big nuts.

Keep your daughters safe!

Pandelic Hallucinogenia. Don’t ask. Do not mail.

Pan-Juxtapositionality. Which covers just about everything.

Pandana good guy in a white hat.

<insert geographic location here> panhandle.


I will say no more about that.

Hunger pan gang games.

Gyronoetik pan apocalypticality; over and over again.

The Kryptozoetik Music of Oblivion Song featuring the Human Stone People of Glass dancing in the Courtyard of Rock upon the Keys of Broken Glass with blooded feet.

Not only panful… but painful.

Especially for the Caretakers who never hear the Music of Oblivion and who See through Eyes of Lead and Speak through Mouths of Iron.

All included. All inclusive. Absolutely pangenitally and pandemically…


I’m in.
Where do I sign up?

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