Joker Fracas Kryptozoetikus

You heard about the Grassy Knoll? Right?


Well, I got three of them…

Say what? Three’s the Charm or something?

A Charm of Making, I would say. I call them the TGKs…

Okay, I give up. What does TGK mean?

Three Grassy Knolls.

You are one strange dude. A real piece of work.

Well, so are you.

Why three? JFK only needed one.

Because of the three trees.

What three trees?

The three Siberian Elms that once stood where the Three Grassy Knolls are now.

What happened to them?

I euthanized them. They were dying. So, I helped them along… you might say I hastened their departure.

You have tree sap on your hands my friend. How do you live with the guilt?

With great deliberation, and devotion, every day the Sun rises. I whisper their names and I remember them and through my remembering them their immortality is further revealed.

Immortality, eh? So, they have names? what say you?

I say Yup.

Are you going to clue me in or are they some kind of a secret?

Well, you know how it is, thaumaturgickally speaking, with Charms of Making, and such. You gotta be careful, you know. Butterfly Effect and unintended consequences and all of that.

Not to mention Karma…

And Dharma too my friend. But no, the names are not secret. The names have been changed, however, to confuse the innocent.

Yeah, I know how you old fart thaumaturgists can be. Well? What are the names?

Frank, George, and Herbert.


What? You were expecting something all fancy and Dragonistic sounding?

Well, I was hoping more for something in Drag… on. You know, One for the Road.

I will Hen Kai Pan to that!

Amen. Frank, George, and Herbert, eh?


Okay. It’s your story.

Dragon damned right it is!
Now, excuse me while I go tell it on a mountain.

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