Two Sense Three is 23

So, you are saying, there are two kinds of senses?

Yes. You have the four hyletic senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing, then, you have the single telesmatic sense of sight.

And tell me, again, why are the hyletic senses hyletic? and why is the telesmatic sense telesmatic?

It is because the hyletic senses are fermion founded, but, the telesmatic sense of sight is boson bounded.

You are going to have to give me a crash course in particle physics my dear Dragonologist!

Simple. Fermions are matter, like, atoms, electrons, protons, the entire Periodic Table of the Elements, and the like. Bosons are energy, like, the electromagnetic force, photons of light, the strong and weak nuclear force, and so on.

And what is it that is so unique about this lonely telesmatic sense of sight?

It is the one sense that truly senses at a distance, not by direct touch or assimilation. Hence, it is the ONLY sense not bound to the here and now, but rather, is capable… of time travel. Not just into the Past. But ALSO, into the Future. The Telesmatic, per se, is the Key to the Mystery of Existence. Consider the fact that the farther out into the Universe you look, the farther BACK into the Past you are looking. There is ALWAYS a permanent record of every event. This is possible ONLY because the speed at which Light itself travels is not infinite, but rather, finite, 186,262 miles per second, and, for that very reason the Photon of Light is not merely theoretical, it is a REAL entity existing for only a finite time in a certain space-time.

I should have taken a hit of acid before I came over to see you.

Happy Bicycle Day!

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