Dragon Cavortication


There’s Fornication.

And there’s Cavortication.

Not to be mistaken for Masturbation.

You have seen it.

I have seen it.

Particularly, in the magnificent large wooden Dragon sculptures from Indonesia.

Witness a Dragon, or several Dragons, cavorting, playing with beautiful glittering Spheres with the… Claw.

You may have heard about the Mystery of the Tooth.

Well, this is the Mystery of the Claw.

What ARE those Spheres with which the Dragon Cavorticates with its Claw?

Could they be Gazing Balls?

Quite possibly.

Could they be Bloodstone or Quartz?

Not beyond the realm of the possible, for sure.

Then WHAT are they? Really?

I will tell you.

Please do.


I honestly don’t know.

Well, ready or not, here’s your answer…

They are Gyronoetikons.

What the fuck is a Gyronoetikon?

Stay tuned to Open Channel 23 and you will eventually find out.

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