I Robot, You Robot

Come on…
You know you do it.
You go for the Energizer batteries…
Because you love that Bunny!
Got car insurance?
Must be Progressive then…
Because you go with the… Flo.
She gets a little creepy, but…
You love her just the same.
Oh! You are an animal lover?
Gecko! Geico.
You know what I mean.
You can’t help yourself.
It is worse than Heroin.
You just do it.
You can’t stop.
Do you like Coca-Cola?
You must be the REAL THING then!
I know. I loved Princess Diana too.

You want to ask me a question?
What is it then?

I see.
You want to know what is going on?

Very simple.
You can’t master Robot with just more Robot.
You can’t master Robot with alternative Robot either.

Sorry to disappoint you.

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