The Day the Nazi Came to the Rescue

Now, back in the day, about 500 BCE or so, the Philosophers got together and said, “We need to do something about the blowback from this whole Pythagoras affair. We are NOT Holy Men!” You see, at the time, the Philosophers weren’t called Philosophers. They were called… yup… you guessed it… Holy Men! The words “Philosopher” and “Philosophy” hadn’t been invented yet. And yet, there were quite a few notable persons of interest who were conveying knowledge and understanding that was, in an uncanny way, not religious, but something else entirely. Now, don’t misunderstand me. The Philosophers all liked Pythagoras. He discovered some pretty amazing and important things. But Pythagoras, as much as he had one foot in the new Philosophy world, he still had the other foot in the old Holy Man world. It was a cult of personality. And it was exactly such cults that the aboriginal Philosophers wanted to leave behind. So… they invented a whole new name for themselves… philo-sophia.

Alas! When one confusion ends, yet another might begin. And so it did. Western civilization went on for two millennia thinking that this was the perfect translation, via Latin, into German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, of the definition of this word…

Lover of Wisdom.

NOT a Holy Man!

Well.. folks… I got some bad news for you. Like just about EVERYTHING else that got translated from the original Greek into the European languages, it got mistranslated, and nobody caught that until halfway into the 20th century. It was Martin Heidegger, of all people — YEAH! A FUCKING NAZI — who figured it out…

Friend of Wisdom.

Oops! Sorry about that! Makes all the difference in the world. Doesn’t it? But aren’t you concerned? Why does Wisdom NEED a friend? I didn’t say it did. Wisdom already HAS a friend, and Wisdom has just knocked on your door, and your Mother answered. Then She said, “Come child! Your Friend, Wisdom, wants you to come out and Play!”

Wisdom doesn’t NEED anything.
And the only thing it wants, is for YOU to come out and Play!

Enjoy! And have a… NICE DAY!

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