Dragon Nested Russian Style…

When Merlin, portrayed by Nicole Williams in the 1982 film, Excalibur, explained to Arthur that “this Dragon of his” (Merlin’s Dragon) was, “Everywhere, in Every Thing, all Around us,” what Merlin did not explain to Arthur was that this particular Dragon, was, in fact… the Dragon…inside the Dragon… inside the Dragon… inside the Dragon… inside… the Dragon.

And so is stands, as a matter of Mythic fact, that it was Merlin who fashioned the Charm of Making of our Great Mother Dragon of the Earth, Dakhmektrion, upon whose back we are perhaps the Riders; or maybe we are within Her Womb, for it is not yet clear how far beyond the Earth Her Gyronoesis may extend. Nor is it yet clear how many of the processes of the Earth are, in fact, just one piece of the puzzle of the pattern of Her Mission. But She gave to us… OUR Mission. And the Doorway to the beginning of the specifics, is in fact, contained in the text of the Message. And yet, even though our Dragon Sent it, our Merlin fashioned it, and it is a Thaumaturgickal Operation, only revealed… in 1982. Up until then, it was just a Secret.

Since you Know how to Find it, you already Know how to find out what it Means, and you’re ready to find out… how to actually Work it.

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