The Physical Logic of the Kryptozoesis

The Singing Forked Tooth of the Dragon
Sends forth the waves of compression
That travel through the interstellar medium,
For the medium is not empty,
It is filled with dust and gas.

These waves of compression
Stimulate the formation of Stars.
And planets, Worlds, inevitably follow.
Even Galaxies are formed this way.

What the Dragon holds in its Claw
Are the many Gyronoetikons
Of the Stars and Worlds
Of our Universe.

The Stars Precipitate the Light,
And they Build the Oracle of Galaiyah…
The Elements…
Of the Periodic Table of the Elements,
Via… nucleosynthesis.
Thus, Life in our Universe… is made possible…
And, it is made actual.

The Kryptozoesis is, in fact, the Life Force of the Universe, at work.
It is, the Creation… of Souls.

And there are FIVE modalities of the Soul (Psyche, ψυχή),…

The Animal Soul,
The Vegetable Soul,
The Mineral Soul,
The Dragon Soul,
And the Extra-Terrestrial Soul.

The Physical Logic of the Kryptozoesis, then,
Is the Genesis Process of Life
That operates
Throughout the Universe.

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