HermaNautilus Library 3

The Shelf of the DON’Ts & DOs of Politics, Economics, and History. The DON’Ts are mainly on the far left side of the Shelf under the Shelf that is the resting place of the Dust Bunny Terminator instrument you see. Among the DON’Ts, I have… Hitler’s Mein Kampf, The Protocols of Zion, and Quotations From Chairman Mao. Between Mein Kampf and Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock you see a thin little white spine. It is a nice short poem hardcovered with a box to keep it in and the title is… November Twenty Six Nineteen Hundred Sixty Three. Yup. The day that President Kennedy was killed. The message is clear… killing your President is a… DON’T.

The Poet was Wendell Berry. The Artist who did the Art on the left-side pages was Ben Shahn.

In the middle of that same Shelf is the first volume of Martin Bernal’s Black Athena, a systematic deconstruction of the White Eurocentric historical paradigm. We got OUR racism from the same entrenched White Supremacist, Eurocentric roots that Adolfie Boy got his. Bernal is one of the very few scholars to have mounted an academic, historical, rebuttal to the White origins of our European culture, therefore, our American culture. He is probably hated by establishment academics as much as is L. Ron Hubbard.

Just remember this.
It doesn’t have to be, True…
To be… TRUTH.

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