HermaNautilus Library 7

The Holy Books of Dragonology. Includes, but is not limited to… Archimedes, Euclid’s Elements, Ptolemy’s Almagest, Copernicus’ Revolutions, Galileo, Kepler’s Harmony, Newton’s Principia, Wolfram’s New Science, Darwin’s Origin of Species, Robert Boyle, Antoine Lavoisier, AND, a textbook on Ancient Astronomy, with Projects. But no. NONE of these people are Dragonologists. They are Dragoneers. Dr. Einstein, being one of my favorites. Nicola Tesla, too. But NOT Thomas Edison. Yes, Virginia, the Scientists and Mathematicians really ARE… the Dragoneers. “Then, what are the Engineers?” You may ask. The Ancient Greeks called theirs… The Technon. We call ours, then… The Dragonon.

I affectionately call this… “My Elmer Shelf.”

If the Science is the Explanation, then, the Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon must be… The Hermeneutics of Dragoneering. That, Virginia, is what Dragonology is. And yes, Virginia, their Names are also Changed… to Confuse the Innocent.

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