And What of the Dragon’s Diamond Eye?

It is the Having Seen of the Many Lives that ever Were…
The Will See of the Many Lives Yet-to-Be…
And the Seeing Now of the Many Lives Being Lived Contemporaneously,
In the Company, of Dragons, and Extra-Terrestrials.
Every Facet of the Dragon’s Diamond Eye…
Is a Lifetime. Lived. Living. To Live.

Is it Cosmic?

It is strictly Gyronoetik.

Then what about the Awareness Pattern of the One Dragon?
Is it not, also, a Living Being?

No. It is the Living Being that a Living Being is.
The Diamond cannot BE
The Diamond that It Is
Absent the Facets that it Has.
Absent the Parts of All of Its Juxtapositions.
It takes an Extra-Terrestrial,
You Know…
To Know The Dragon.

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