Dragon Multiloquy

I listened to the Dragon Once,
When I wound up
Dear Departed Mom’s
DIY, Puff the Magic Dragon,
Music Box.

I saw the Dragon Once,
When I was Gazing
At a Promontory
Into the Pacific Sea,
And I Thought I Saw
With my Imagination’s
Mind’s Eye,
A Dragon
Into the Sea.

I smelled the Dragon Once,
When I Danced
All Night Long,
In the Mercury Circle
Of the Alchemical Fire,
With Horns in Hands…
And Greeted the Sun.

I felt the Dragon Once,
When the Mysteries
Burned my Ego
To a Cinder,
And I Thought I was Dead
All this Time,
I had Not Yet Lived,
And only a Well of Beautiful Dances
Could Save my I from the Me
That So Wanted to Die…
And So Justly so…

I dreamed of the Dragon Once,
When I Dreamt of UFOs
Made of Tarot Cards
And Juxtapositions
Of Famous Sci-Fi Movie
Flying Saucer Scenes.

The Dragon Touched me Once,
When it Lifted me out of my Body
And Took me to Visit
The New World
In the Music
About which my Un-Shifted Assemblage Point
Knew… Nothing.

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