How Big is the Gyronoesis of the Earth?

The same size as the Magnetosphere…

“The bullet shaped magnetic bubble formed by the terrestrial magnetic field lines is called the Earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere extends into the vacuum of space, on average, from approximately 60,000 kilometres sunward, and trails out more than 300,000 kilometres away from the Sun in the magnetotail.” > cluster > 31313-earth-s-magnetic-field

That is… 37,282 miles TOWARD the Sun.
And… 186,411 miles AWAY from the Sun; about 1 Light Second.
The magnetosphere is shaped like this because of the Solar Wind.
Also, notice that the Gyronoesis of the Earth does not even extend as far as the Moon.


Mistake NOT the magnetosphere for the Gyronoesis.
There is MORE going on with the Gyronoesis than the magnetism.
But, it REMAINS the MOST reliable indicator of the TRUE physical size of YOUR Dragon.

As you can see, as far as SMALL Dragons go…
Dakhmekhtrion is STILL…
A pretty fucking big…

The Gyronoesis of the Sun, by the way,
Extends 23 Billion miles out from the Sun,
And, it is roughly, bubble-shaped.

That means…
Helikhon is 3 Light DAYS in diameter!


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