The Material Plane

Matter gets a bad rap. It is NOT the LOWEST Vibration. It is, in fact, the HIGHEST frequency Energy in the Universe. Physics has proved this. It is a fact. So, the so-called Material Plane is, indeed, the Greatest Thing the Dragon ever Invented. It is not Low and Flawed. It is… Dragon Art taken to the Highest Order of Perfection. And you THOUGHT it HAD to be SIMPLE? Not Elegantly, and Playfully, and Diabolically… COMPLICATED? Well… the Positivists are WRONG and the Vedas are STILL…Right.

To what End? If any? For what Ultimate… Purpose? Honestly, we don’t know. But, suffice it to say that it Appears to the Dragonologist that…

The Dragon just…

Wants to be… Known.

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