Dragon Diplomacy

I bet you didn’t know that Illusion is not only useful but absolutely necessary in order to achieve the evolutionary goal of an Extra-Terrestrial species emerging on a planet.

It was thanks to the Superabundance of Life itself, and, the Illusion of Death, that it became possible for the Human Stone Beings on this planet to establish a remarkable Diplomatic Agreement with their Animal Brothers and Sisters.

The Animals agreed to let the Humans Murder some Animals, but not all, for food, in order to Supercharge Human Evolution and hasten the Emergence of the Extra-Terrestrial Human Stone Beings on Earth.

Interestingly, when this Agreement happened… that was when Guilt first began for the Human Stone… the consciousness of the Original Sin of Murder when the Human Stone first ate of its Animal Kin. And this agreement, by the way, DOES have an expiration date attached to it, which is appropriately apocalyptic if we should miss THAT Appointment. It was the Birth of Moral Consciousness, which, as we all know now, isn’t all Good.

When we focus too much on the Enigmatic Duality of that Moral Consciousness we completely miss the Thaumatic and Ekstatic Yearning that this peculiar Modality of Consciousness makes possible. So far as I know, only Nietzsche, Tolkien, and Tom Waits have really taken a serious look at this.

Without that Original Sin, the Human Experience of Grief and Despair could not have happened. And that would have precluded two things. The Human Experience of Beauty. And the Human Experience of the Love, the Whole Love, and Nothing BUT the Love. We HAD to Fall… in order Fulfill. We had to Perish… in order to… Reimagine.

The Seventh Wave is Coming and many of Us have already Arrived and are on Mission. We are here to Help you. You are ready to BEGIN to Know the Dragon. The Adventure has barely begun. It lies Ahead of you. Not Behind you. And it has a Name… and it is called… The Seventh Wave… which is what is Coming… AFTER… the Sixth Extinction.

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