I had an extraordinary dream, years ago, in 1981, while I was going to U of O in Eugene, Oregon.
It was a dream FILLED with UFO imagery that included, at a minimum, the flying saucers from at least THREE science fiction movies or series…

The alien saucer from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
The Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space.
The United Planets Starship, C-57D, from Forbidden Planet.

It had the emotional tone of what Jung, or Campbell, would have called… a Big Dream.
My Unconscious was telling me something important I needed to Know.

In the final seconds of the dream, as I scampered up the steps of the Jupiter 2 to leave the Forbidden Planet…
which was also a lot like Bradbury’s Mars from the Martian Chronicles…
I tossed away my load bearing belt and suspenders and said to myself…

“No time for security now!”

Then… I woke up… with a clear, vivid memory of the Dream I had just had.

I will never forget it.

Just now, browsing through the Bollingen paperback edition of Jung’s Flying Saucers, I am reminded that Jung
had some pretty interesting things to say about what the appearance of UFOs in one’s Dreams might be all about.

As a Dragonologist, I am here to tell you that the UFO Phenomenon, and the Dragon, are Importantly…
and Mysteriously…


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