A “made up” word for “made up” animals and a “made up” Science.
As is… Dragonological…

A Science of what? Creatures of the Imagination… like Unicorns, Centaurs, Trolls, Orcs, Elves, Hobbits, Wizards, Fairies… and Dragons.

What kind of Science is this? Really? A Mythopoetic One, I would think. A Hermeneutic One.
Which is a fancy German Scientific way of saying… an Interpretative One.

Which goes with the Territory…
And we call this Territory… the Symbolic.
And so, obviously, we are dealing with… the Imagination here.

But whose Imagination are we dealing with anyway?
Yes. To both.
To be sure.

But it isn’t a Question of Whose.
It is a Question of What’s.

The Imagination… of the Mind of Fire… the World Mind…
Known to the Dragonologist as…

The Gyronoetikon.

And there isn’t just One Gyronoetikon.
There are many Gyronoetikons.
Gyronoetikons = (Worlds +Stars) * Galaxies.
And Dragons = (Worlds + Stars + Galaxies) * Gyronoetikons.
Do the Math.
Do the Mathesis.

The Gyronoetikon always IS… the Many that it is.

Just as the Kryptozoetikon, always is, just and only…
The One that it is.

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