References to the Dragon or Dragons in Jung’s Symbols of Transformation

From Part Two Section V
Symbols of the Mother and of Rebirth…

Dragon-whale-myth, page 210, 338n
seven-headed Dragon, page 214
Woman and Dragon, page 215, 366n
Dragon as evil mother symbol, page 259

From Part Two Section VII
The Dual Mother…

Dragon and water, page 326n
legends of Dragon and cave, page 362n, 365-367
effect of drinking Dragon Blood, page 364
Dragon and St. Sylvester, page 365f
Dragon legend and myth of Anti-Christ, page 368
page 374f, plate XXXIV
conqueror of Dragon, page 374, plate XVIII
Dragon as negative symbol of unconscious, page 374
assault by Dragon, page 375
Dragon and bull, page 384
Self-consuming Dragon, plate LIXa

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