Jung’s Dragon Imagination…

The Dragon is a Symbol… an Archetype of Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and, an Icon of the Zeit-Geist… the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

But, even as a Creature of the Imagination, the Dragon enjoys a special, unique, autonomous existence. It is Alive. It is Living. It is Life.

So, we Dragonologists tend to associate the Dragon with Worlds and Stars, strangely pseudo-organic purely physical phenomena, like Volcanism, Geomagnetic, and complex thermodynamics and organic chemistry.

Where there is Life… there is Dragon.

In harmony with the Oriental Archetype of the Dragon… called “Lung” in Chinese… associated with rivers, streams, tides, and the Sun-Earth-Moon Dance in the Sky.

The Dragon is, by far, a Cosmic Force and Symbol, the primary benefit of which is.. an entirely NEW and fully Dragon Aware Mythic Reimagination.

The first two strange things I tossed out there were…

The Kryptozoesis…

And the Gyronoesis.

With just a Dash of Ekstasis…

For flavoring.

Yum! Yum! Yummy!

I got a Dragon in me tummy!

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