What is Scientific Anyway?

I think, by now, we have learned to accept the notion that Scientific doesn’t necessarily always mean Empirical. We consider Mathematics and Logic to be Scientific disciplines, but, they operate at levels of Abstraction which clearly make them Deductive rather than Empirical. And yet, they remain supremely RELEVANT to that so-called Empirical domain of Activity we like to call… Human Experience.

So, when we talk about shining examples of Scholarship, we mean to conflate this, at least in part, with a broader notion of Scientific Method that allows us to go beyond the merely Empirical and deal with DEEPER Symbolisms.

The Hermeneutic movement in German philosophy in the early Twentieth century was one example of such a broader notion of Science. Also, Phenomenology.

American Academic Philosophy was absolutely HOSTILE to these European currents in Philosophy and Science, as was the U.K.. Figures. We always WERE the Bullies you know. We have even gone so far as to argue that anything OTHER than Positivism and Materialism MUST BE… Communism. Marxism. Leninism.


That’s why it was a GOOD thing that I never ended up in the mess that is now American Academic Philosophy.
After the CLOSING of the American Mind… there came… the SUICIDE… the Corporate Takeover.

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