References to the Dragon or Dragons in Jung’s Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

The original essays in this book were first published in 1912 and 1916 and underwent considerable revision over the years. So, this book, and its two technical essays, really constitutes a theoretical and methodological lynch pin of Jung’s new Analytical Psychology. There are only four references to the Dragon in these essays and they are all pretty much oblique references not really intended to shed any further light on the Imago of the Dragon, per se, but rather, using the term “Dragon” as shorthand for the Hero’s adversity… that which the Hero must overcome. We must understand that overcoming doesn’t always entail destroying or killing an adversary. Often, it entails forming an Alliance with the adversary.

Think about Castaneda’s Petty Tyrant. The Dragon, in a sense, is the Preternatural Tyrant within all of us.

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