References to the Dragon or Dragons in Jung’s Two Essays on Analytical Psychology…

Nevertheless, we should examine all four instances of Jung’s use of the term Dragon in these two essays. Especially, the fourth one, which is embedded within a definition of the Supraordinate Self which Jung dives into more deeply in the next work we will be talking about, Bollingen Volume Nine, Part One… The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.

Now… guess what Volume Nine Part Two is called…
Go ahead!

How about this?
Aion: Researches Into the Phenomenology of… the Self


You will have guessed correctly if you say that this is perhaps one of Jung’s most important and decisive books.
And THAT book has its own references to the Dragon, or Dragons, as one would expect, by now.

After all… how could Jung not be a Dragonologist of the highest order?
Isn’t it obvious?

After reading the Red and Black Books?

Truth is stranger than fiction.
And Dreams are Truer than…



Well… it is not my fault.
You should have read Science Fiction.
You should have taken Carlos Castaneda seriously.

We KNEW you would never pick up Jung and read him…
Ugly Americans that you are.
To you… Jung was just another Kraut. Like Nietzsche.
And… of course… to your Ugly Eyes…
All Academics, like all Krauts…
Look alike.

Now don’t they?

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