Central Scrutinizer here…
Just kidding.

We will get back to Jung’s Dragon references in the Two Essays on Analytical Psychology later.

Things have been crazy around here lately. I am preparing for a relocation to Oregon within this next couple of months. A lot of preparation involved in such a thing. Moving is never easy for me because I basically own a research library filled with odd and extraordinary books on amazing topics from A to Z and it is the result of a lifetime of reading, studying, and just following my curiosity. So, staying put is peachy keen and always being on the move a pain in the ass. As you might imagine.

I am NOT a Polymath.
But I AM a Polyimagineer…
And it is at least conceivable
That One Day
I will POP outta my Dragon Cocoon…

And become a Newborn and Impatient…


Could it be?
Could it be that Polymorphism underlies my strange binge-like Vegas style obsession with…


And what about the X-Files?
What the FUCK was that all about anyway?

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