On the Cloistering of Books

You have seen the pictures of the HermaNautilus Library. About 1400 Books. I am in the process of packing them all up. I am selling my house and relocating to Oregon soon. There, I will take up the Dragonology Project and take it up to a new level. So, we can put off the exploration of Jung and all the places where he talks about Dragons for a few months.

We can shift gears and go into a more personal biographical mode.
This is a BLOG after all, which means, it is a Biographical Log.
Think of it as a Life Narrative, Lived, not just the narrative, of a Life.
After listening to the Bernstein Tapes on Hegel, I was convinced
That the Phenomenon… The Narrative… ITSELF… was indeed,
A Phenomenon of Profound Ontological Significance.

More and more, we begin to understand,
That Life Itself is Pure Narrative.
And of course, we Dragonologists
Naturally Connect this Phenomenon
With the Dragon Song,
And the Dragon’s Singing Tooth,
Conveniently shaped like a Tuning Fork,
In the Image of the Kryptozoetikon.

Think of the next few months with me as a kind of…
Thaumaturgickal Treasure Hunt,
Kind of like a Vision Quest,
Or “Hiero’s Journey” to Find,
Some Whatever It Is,
Of Transcendent Value,
And Transformative Power.

Like a Philosopher’s Stone. Right?
Or… a Dragon’s Mind of Fire. Yeah.
A Dragon’s Diamond Eye. Hell Yeah!
Or Manufactured Gold. Say What?

Or how about this? Some really Magickal Mushrooms.
I Anti-Emerald-Tablet-You-Not My Friend of Wisdom Friend.

You heard me…
Mr. Hen Kai Pan!

Yeah. It was all I ever wanted.
A Friend of Wisdom Friend.

You Know.

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