Packing It Up But Not Packing It In

I have probably packed over 1,000 books so far in 48 of those 12 inch cube boxes you can get at U-Haul.
Plenty of leather bound books upstairs, plus, larger books that will need to be packed in larger boxes.
Then… music CDs… and DVDs.

I don’t want to wait until the last day or so to shut down home electronic equipment like the big TV.
The surround sound system and stereo components need to be torn down several days in advance.
The more stuff the movers have to pack before loading the longer it takes and the more expensive it gets.

I already know Klamath Falls will not work for me. I will need to be near the VA clinic in White Creek.
Near Medford will be a better choice. I got my eye on Ashland, a cesspool of Bohemianism.
May the Walking Dead eat their heart out.

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