Dragon Toys

Yes, Virginia. Dragons really do have Toys.

You have seen them playing with their Toys
In those beautiful Human sized Dragon Sculptures
Made of Teak Wood from Indonesia… My! My! So… expensive!

Dragons cavorting… often, in pairs… or even threesomes… HeHe!
Tossing… what appear to be… Crystal Balls… Gazing Balls.

If you Gaze into the Balls you can see the Many Dragon Futures Kaleidoscopika.
I will let you in on a Little Something Virginia. But only if you Promise to Communicate

Superbly, and Thaumaturgickally, Operation Mind Fuckingly…

Those Strange Balls, those Dragon Toys,
Are the More Than Many Gyronoetikons
That Exist in just this Dragon Playground Universe Alone!

Do the Math my Dear.
You heard about the Drake Equation? Right?
Well… you better start thinking… about the Dragon Equation…
And about the Many Juxtapositions of the Parts of All.
Ain’t that Punny!

Welcome to the Kaleidoscopikon My Dear Virginia!
Prepare for the Seventh Wave My Dear!

The Mind of Fire… Awakens!

Ἓν καὶ Πᾶν!

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