Dragon Land Homecoming

I am holed up in Ashland, Oregon for now, and busy looking for the right house. Regular single family foundation style homes are out of reach for me. But there are plenty of nice double wide style manufactured homes in nice parks, large and small, and, about 30 miles outside of Ashland, near the little town of Jacksonville, Oregon, I think I found what I am looking for. It is in the heart of Southern Oregon wine country. A small park of only 45 units, and the proximity to pure Nature and the prospect of beautiful star strewn night skies makes this one an attractive choice for a home. The neighbors are friendly. I talked to a Donald who has been there for a few years and is quite happy.

This whole area of Oregon has Dragon written all over it. In some places you literally have a temperate rain forest here. Most of the road beds are three to four feet above normal ground level. Lava Beds national monument is to the Southwest. Crater Lake to the Northeast. Oregon and Washington are geologically, volcanically, very active, and wherever you have volcanic or tectonic energy at work, you have Dragon.

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