As Time Goes By

More and more, I realize that this Weird Dragon Energy that Draws me in, perhaps, like a Moth is Drawn to the Sacred Flame — some Kind of a Kryptic Fire, so clearly Dragon in Kinship and Genesis — a Modus Operandi, of a Mind of Fire, more like a Pymander, than like a Nous.

It is what happens when you Surrender and Let the Imagination of the World DO the Thinking… for a Change. How about that? It is what happens when the Ego of the Beloved is now ashes upon the feet of the World.

It is… Love. Supreme. And Unrelented.

I thought I was looking for my Beloved. But what I really wanted was to Remember. To Remember that I AM the… Beloved. To Remember Who it was that Loved me so much that She actually LIVED me and Sent me to the Ground in pieces to Comfort the Human Stone…

Those who will make it to the Other Side of what is to come. And… those… who won’t.

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