The Dragon Diamond Eyed Time Warp View

You Know, right? That the many Facets of the Dragon’s Diamond Eye are in fact the Many Lives Lived by the Many Individualities. Whether Human Stone… or Little Green Man… it does not matter… on which World… it does not matter… nor… Whenever! <say it like a Valley Girl! Like you mean it! Hussy Miss Dragon Cadabra!>

Then the Thought of Dragon Time comes up as I view the clouds above me actually moving as if they were alive and were moving along not randomly at all but with a Purpose… like some kind of a Dragon Critter would. It is like being Lifted out of a Zone of Specificity into a Zone of Greater Inclusivity and Deep Clarity. An Eternal Ekstasis. Suspended in the Now Higher Moment. In Ekstasis Helio! In Eternal Ekstatic Flight! That’s Dragon Smack Talk there! I got it 40 years ago as I hit the dregs of a full and freshly loaded joint while sitting on a rock beside the Willamette River and I Saw Time that seemed to Stand Still in the Incessant and Frenetic Flowing of the Water with Dragon-Laced Kerjillions of Photons Dancing On and Off the Waters… like Salamanders… like… Silmarillia…

Dragon Time is kind of like a Spinning Whirling Dervish of a Nested Russian Doll Exploding Inside… out… and back again… like a Moebius Strip… like a Strange Loop. But it escalates and detonates so that, for example, One Dragon Day in the Life of our Great Mother Earth Dragon, Dakhmekhtrion, is 26,500 of our piddly little Human Earth Years. And it takes a quarter billion of our Years to add up to just One of Hers. Go figure. Go do the Math. Then ask for me very nicely about your meds and I will think about it while I munch a bunch of mushrooms.

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Human Stones…


Make Sexy Dragon Bones!

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