And the Planet Plutonium Thing Too…

Did you know that here on Planet Earth Nature did not invent sexual reproduction until only 150 million years ago? That’s true. It seems like a long time ago. Doesn’t it? But life has been around on Earth for over 3 billion years. That 150 million is only 5% of the 3 billion. So, you could say that it has only been rather recently that Nature had the wherewithal or the gumption to invent… SEX!

That’s right. Ninety Five percent of Life’s existence on Earth has been absent the Pleasures of Fucking… and Sucking. And it only just so happens that the brand of sexuality that we got when we opened the Cracker Jack Box was the BIPOLAR kind. It could have been TRIPOLAR you know. We could have had three sexes. Not just two. Imagine that. Kaleidoscopically. If you dare!

It was Planned this way from the Beginning. But, as we know, it takes a LONG time to get to the Exponential J-Curve Turning Point. But Boy oh Boy! When you GET there… shit sure does happen… FAST!

Anyway, back in 6th grade, I was telling schoolmates that I came from the Planet Plutonium.
But, even before that, when I was in 4th grade, my Story was that I came from the Planet Zodiac.
The fact that the Rock Musical Hair came out just the year before,
Extolling the Greatness of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius,
Is perhaps a key indicator that it got under my skin,
Even though I did not know it.
It was all being played on the radio, you know.
Except for the Fellatio song… and certain other inflammatorily political songs.
I didn’t even KNOW what Hair was about until I watched the cinematic musical version…
In the 80s, I think.

But my point is, Transformation was already in the Air as I was a pre-hard-on-curious little boy growing up. You kept hearing all about it all over the radio, even as your parents still gravitated toward the TV with dinner tray tables at the ready to watch their shows and feed their faces. Kids could get little transistor radios and record players and tape recorders which also played and there was no stopping the counter cultural currents that would rip not just America apart, but, in fact, the entire World.

As a sensitive and empathic young child I was destined to eventually become a Lyricist and a Poet. But at that tender age of from 10 to 12 years old, it was mainly Science and Science Fiction that was Fueling my Imagination. And I already drank the Koolaid, you Know. I had already got to the point, a long time ago, of believing that if I can Dream It I can Be It!

So, I picked… Extra-Terrestrial… Alien…
And I have stuck to my Story ever since…

To Answer your Question…

“No. I am NOT from around Here…”

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