You Have No Idea!

You have no Idea how important this Dragon Critter really is!
This Dragon is quite literally the Life Force of the Universe,
Referred to in Archaic Greek as Zoe, and also, as Psyche.
That’s right. Aristotle’s Book about the Soul only talked about three kinds.
Guess what? There are actually two more! Yup.

Besides the Animal, Vegetable, and Human Souls
You also have the Mineral Soul (which gives us the Hooks into understanding the Gyronoesis),
And you have the Dragon Soul as well.
Yes. Dragon’s have Souls. Nope. Dragons don’t have Individuality like Humans…
And many other higher Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Life Forms.

And it should be understood that the term “human soul” is parochial.
What makes Human Beings noteworthy and unique?
Their Space-worthiness. Nothing else.
Can they migrate from their home planet?

If the Answer to this question, for Homo Sapiens, is Yes, then, by definition…
Home Sapiens ALREADY IS an Extra-Terrestrial species.
And this somehow ties into the Dragon.
I suspect that my Dragon is a lot like…
Arthur C. Clarke’s “Overlords”
In his 1953 book, “Childhood’s End”

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