The Wheel of Fire

The Eight Rites of Dragon Devotion

Older and Newer Devotional Rites Practiced by the Dragonologist/ Dragoneer.

One thought on “The Wheel of Fire

  1. The Path of the Dragon is mainly a Devotional Path. Like being a Monk in a Monastery. It can be and often is a Scholarly Path. But, more than this, it is a Scientific Path. It is a Path Grounded in Shared Objective and Intersubjective Truths. It is a Path open to revision and subject to revision. Hence, the Naming of both the OLDER and the NEWER Devotional Rites, as such, and the allusion to Chronology. What underlies this, ultimately, is the wobbling of the Earth as it spins on its axis, dampened by the gravitational effect of the Moon, that has produced the phenomenological structure called the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Great 26,500 year Cycle of the Dragon is correctly attributed to the Dragon. But it is not a Great Polar Year. Rather, it is just a Day in the Life of our Dragon. What Dragon? You might ask. Dakhmekhtrion! That’s Who! Yup. Our Earth Dragon. Of course! With a Tip of the Hat to our Moon Dragon. Sexy Sister Don’t you just want to fuck her… Khorenox! Sounds like a Coronavirus! Don’t She?


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