More About the Wheel of Fire

The 9 month period from Candlemas to Samhain is a Gestation Period.
At Candlemas the Dedication to or Initiation into the Treasure Hunt
Is the Beginning of a long process that involves
The Culminating Three Harvests later in the Year.

Think of the ascending Dragon Path on the Left as
The Path of Individuation.
The descending series of Gatherings on the Right is
The Path of Socialization.

What the Dragonologist/Dragoneer invites you to Imagine
Is that the Time between your own Birth and your own Death
Is, in fact, a Gestation Period. A Pregnancy.

Who or What is Pregnant?
Two Things are Pregnant.
Your Ubermensch Vision Driven and Undiscovered Higher Self.
And the Dragon getting Pregnant in Its Diamond Eye.

Just think about the Compound Eye of the Dragonfly.
Each tiny little Component Eye is a Life Lived and a Story Told.
When it comes to the Diamond Eye of the Dragon and its Many Facets.
This profoundly changes the ways that we might interpret Reincarnation
And the Transmigration of Human Stone Souls across Aeons of Dragon Time.

Life is a Mission.
That you were Sent on
By the Dragon.
And when you die
You have accomplished the Mission
And you have Gotten Yourself Pregnant!


Now you Get Another Mission!

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