More About the Wheel of Fire

The Quartering of the Year into its Four Seasons is special in Dragonology because of the uniqueness
Of the bottom Quarter, the Pre-Capitulation. The Pre-Capitulation and the Season of Winter Coincide.

The Season of Winter begins with Samhain on October 31st, and ends with Candlemas on February 2nd.
It is the Time of the Dragon Pre-Capitulation that Prodromes the Nine Month Period of Gestation.
At the Personal Nadir the Human Stone Owns Yule, the Longest Night,
And, at the Personal Zenith, Midsummer, the Time of the Dragon Vision Quest…
Longest Night-Fall! This Moment is often Celebrated Entheogenically by the Dragonologist/Dragoneer;
And THIS Moment is not OWNED by the Human Stone, but rather… The Dragon! The Imagination!
The Thytanikan Sword figures prominently here.
When Raised, Made Vertical, no longer Hung Horizontal,
With the Point of the Sword Aimed at the Appropriate Sun Dragon or God…
The Human Spine and ALL Associated Body Energy Systems are… Switched On.

Winter is the Time for Quiet Vigils and Dream Journaling and Analysis.
Summer is the Time to Let Go of the Ego and… “Let the Dragon In!”
Let Your Imagination Do the Thinking for a While!
We Call Summer, then, the Season of Fulfillment.
Because, when the Imagination Takes Over and you Contact the Open Channel
All Kinds of Beautifully Kaleidoscopic Things Begin to just Fall Into Place!

Spring is the Season of the Awakening. It Begins with Candlemas on February 2nd,
And it Ends with the Maypole Dance at Beltane on May 1st.
Traditionally, this is also the Beginning of Summer;
Time for Romance, Courtship, Love, Marriage, Sex, and All Kinds of Kinky and Naughty Fun! Yay!

Then you Have Autumn! Which is Amazing!
Humans LOVE Two Kinds of Parties… Orgies, which we have been talking about… and Feasts!
Where is Anthony Bourdain when a Dragoneer needs a Chefry Poet? Oh Well!
You Got THREE Harvests here Folks! Count them! Three!
So you can have the Dragon Gravitas
Of Weighing… 300 Dragon Tonnes!
Because… when there is a Harvest… there must ALSO be a Feast!
Okay. You say, “Feast on what?”

Well, Autumn BEGINS with Lammas/Lughnasadh on July31st. Right?
That’s the Burning of the Wickerman. Right?
Some poor Sot who looks a lot like Nic Cage is Burned Alive
In a Giant 30 foot tall Effigy of the God Lugh.

So it must be that we are enjoined to Feast Upon… EACH OTHER!
Ewww!!! Zombie Apocalypse Time!
First we Eat Each Other! Then we Eat Our Helpers! Our Muses!
Finally, we even Eat Our Ancestors! Our Memories!

What Gives? What the Dragon Fuck is Going On?

Here’s Your Answer…

“If You Don’t Eat Your Meat, You Can’t Have Any Pudding!”
“How Can You have Any Pudding If You Don’t Eat Your Meat?”
[Pink Floyd]

“If You Don’t Beat Your Meat, You Can’t Have Any Pussy!”
“How Can You have Any Pussy If You Don’t Beat Your Meat?”
[Well, I GUESS Practice Makes Perfect! Oh Boy!]

“Yes, Virginia, the Dragon really IS Pro-Masturbation, but Santa Claus isn’t.”

And this one…

“If You Don’t Feast Upon Each Other, You Can’t Feast Upon the Help Either!”
“And How Can You Feast Upon Your Ancestors If You Don’t Feast Upon the Help!”

Three Times! Yum! Yum! Yum!
Eat Them Dragons By Dragon!
All Three of Them!

Take a Bite of Ekhtrosokht… because She is a Fiery Whore!
And a Slurp of Galaiyah… because She Squirts a Lot!
And what’s that Smell? It must be Good Old Kathoxis,
Playing Along in Gyro Fashion with Her Kaleidoscopic Dragon Orgone Kum-Blasto-Fornicator Device!
<insert as many Orgasms as you can STAND right here and clean up after yourself, thanks!>

As you can tell… we Dragonologists/Dragoneers are… a bit… Unruly!

Well… so are Dragons!

You Know what I think?
I think “Michael Valentine Smith”
Would be so Proud and Obsessed with us…

C’mon Bro! Bring Your Own Dragon!
Let’s All Feast and Fuck Together!
And Be Multiple!

“That’s what Life is All About!”

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