It Makes All the Damned Dragon Difference in the World

Because I am NOT talking about
The Pulling of the Sword from the Stone;
This is NOT Excalibur.

I am talking about
The Raising of the Spine of the Dragon Into the World;
I am talking about
The Raising of the Thytanikan Sword
Within Your Body Electric
And Your Kaleidoscopian Imaginary Self!

Therefore, My Dear Dragon Devotee
NEVER “Sconce” your Thytanikan Sword
With the Murderous Death Dealing End
Pointed Downwards.

Evolution made the Human Stone Stand and Look Up
For a Reason… SOME Dragon Reason… we Know Nought.
Not for any Answers… but for the Right Questions
For the Extra-Terrestrial Mission Critical Purposes
That so far, for us, are Unknown and Secret!

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