References to the Dragon or Dragons in Jung’s The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

This was Jung’s core theoretical formulation of his theory of the Archetypes and the notion that such Archetypes reside at a deep Semantic Level of Human Consciousness that is, for all intents and purposes, a potentially endlessly “Deep” Ocean of Unconsciousness. The Philosophical Work of theoreticians like John Locke, david Hume, and George Berkeley, began to confront and square with the Strange World of Psychological Facts. We have DReams at night. We spend from 25% to 33% of our entire Life sleeping and less than 10% is the deep REM Sleep wherein we Dream. Often we DReam several times throughout the Night. And, after awakening in the morning, on the next day, many of us remember none of our Dreams and deny we even have them, but many of us who do remember them remember our Waking Dream or Wach-Traum, from the last REM session before Arising. William James’ Principles of Psychology is a good source to go to in order to appreciate how the integration, or, probably more accurately, the COLLISION between Classical Faculty Psychology and the emerging Medical Science of Psychiatry and the rise of a new Empirical Psychology leading directly to the Analytic and Analytical, Gestalt, Phenomenological and Existential, and, Transpersonal Disciplines within Empirical Psychology that emerged in the late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century.

With Jung, you think of the Unconscious, and, the Psyche itself, as something of an Archaeological or Paleontological Phenomenon. The DEEPER you DIG, the FARTHER BACK IN TIME you go. The Depth Psychology envisioned by Freud, Jung, Adler, Reich, Sartre, and many others, was very much like doing Archaeology! Also, the Deeper you go, the more Generic your information becomes. The more Collective it becomes. You have a continuum of ever deepening unconsciousness and the so-called “Personal Unconscious” is still very near the surface of the Ocean that is the Psyche. Like the Coral Reefs off the Shores of Australia. Deep below that you have the “Collective Unconscious” which is not the same thing as the “Collective Consciousness” often called various Names, such as, the Mind of the Times, or, Zeit Geist, or, the “World Image” called in German the Welt Anschaung. Oh no. The Collective Unconscious is something DEEP, Hidden far below the surface, and, very clearly, a Source of Trouble for our Modern Civilization as is Testified to by the increasing “Extremism” of our Society. It used to be that our Pedophiles only raped our childrfen, but, would let them live. Now, they murder them, to Silence who is often the only living Witness to the Crime.

The further out of balance and more extreme the conscious orientation is, the more extreme the underlying unconscious motives and urges will be.

Often, the Primordial Images of the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious will be somewhat wooden, lacking the full robustness of a completely Human Personality, the Astral Being that is often believed to be Personified and even embodied via its often Complex and Confusing Iconography and Symbology being, in effect, a Living Idea more so than a Living Being in and of itself.

But we find that as we dive deeper into the Mysteries of the Human Mind and the Imagination that Lies Below, the Psychic Domain that is so familiar to Descriptive and Phenomenological Psychologists trails off into a vague and hard to define Biopsychic Domain.

The Human Soul is Grounded upon the Deeper Animal Soul…
Which is in turn Grounded upon the even Deeper Vegetative Soul…
And is in turn Grounded upon the yet DEEPER Mineral Soul!

About which, Aristotle said Nothing At All!
As far as I Know.

But Jung, like Goethe, long before him, was a Scholar and a Detective, and he was able to Read between the Lines of the Distant Reverberations of the Echoes of the Illuminati Librarian Pogrom that was the Burning of the Librarians at Alexandria. Yes! They BURNED the LIBRARIANS! That was the ONLY WAY to MAKE SURE that CERTAIN TEXTS, Certain Dangerous Ideas, got Suppressed, for almost 2,000 more years.

Which sucked…

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