Year Number Three

Although this Blog was inaugurated in the middle of 2019, the focus on the Dragonology (and now, Dragoneering) content came in early 2021 with the publication of two manuscripts. The first manuscript was published through Kindle Direct Publishing and it is titled, The Many Juxtapositions of the Man Who Married His Dragon: the 2020 Collection. The second was also published through Kindle and it is titled, Stellar Form Construction. You can purchase these in paperback form from Amazon. I have chosen not to put Kindle versions out there. In the future, I might decide to use Spotify to do live recitations of my Blog and my poetry in general.

There will be a Many Juxtapositions book for 2021 just like for 2020. Basically, just a hard copy version of the entire content of this Blog for the year. As noted in many places, this Blog is kind of like the “Dragon Shrapnel” Zone where a lot of the Imagination Work goes on. Often, it is chaotic, and disjointed, and that has a lot to do with my personality. But it is also reflected in the very Nature of the Dragon. We never really see the Dragon, directly, clearly, transparently, like we (believe) we see physical objects. Modern Physics has taught those of us who are Schooled in its Deep Mysteries that the Physical is a Profound and Wonderful Mystery to Behold!

There have been some major life transitions going on for me as I have pushed this second and pretty intensive year of Dragon Blog Work through to a record output compared to the previous year, and, I have promised that all of this material would be collected together and published as a Many Juxtapositions 2021 Collection and I will keep that promise. Just not right away. My first primary manuscript, The Jupiter Dragon Went to the Sun, is now beginning to take shape and I want to strike while the Iron of my Imagination is Hot!

Not to mention, my Memory…

So, here in the Blog, I want to take on a more personable tone, filling in some of the gaps for you, to give you a better understanding of the Rhyme and the Reason behind my plugging this Dragon Agenda in the various ways that I do. As you may know, I am active on Facebook, and I mirror this Blog on a Page over there. Plus, I have two other pseudo-comic politico-cosmic satire Pages I also run. They have been kind of quiet lately. But I got some ideas for livening things up a bit.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook posting my ideas and opinions about a lot of things. Not just politics. Although I am outspoken in my opposition to the dangerous trend toward fascism that has taken hold of at least one of our political parties. I tend to use Facebook more like a discussion list, like the good old Yahoo Groups. Remember them? I was a Moderator in Yahoo Groups for a few years before it was all abandoned as the Social Media Tsunami hit. HeHe! I go back to early 1990s vintage Internet Relay Chat and dial-up Bulletin Board Services. It wasn’t all about dating either. In Vegas in the middle of the 1990s the Internet added a wonderful Bohemian quality to the night life. A bunch of us would be on Vegas Chats just being bored together and we decide to go out and have breakfast together at a local casino.

A lot of great Socialization going on. Great for Singles. Not creepy and weird. But, as you might guess, you could find that too in Vegas if you knew where to go. HeHe!

Things are different now. The Internet is different now. And about 99.999% of us have NO IDEA (Ryan Reynolds tone of voice here) that they are sitting in front of a Weapon of Mass Disruption called… their own Personal 24/7 Private Internet Connection. It has been the ceaseless connectivity, more so than the computing horsepower brought to bear, that has changed everything. It was right about 1995 or so when both home and mobile Internet really went over to 24/7 connectivity, although, for sure, the technology had been around and used by Big Think Tanks, Universities, and Government Black Ops, for a few years already.

The Genie…
Out of the Bottle…

Like a Weasel…

It is now 26 years later, and we have gotten to the SPLAT part now…

You Know what the Internet feels like to me now?
Like the Lifeboat I am in
That just got launched off the side
Of the Ship of Comfort
That now Sinks
In the Black Ocean
Of inki Night.

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