My River Styx Boatman Boyfriend Guy

Yeah. I admit it.

I Cry Myself to Sleep at Night.

Making the Scene with the Ketamine!

What can I say?

I can’t Find Anybody to Get Weird About it With.

You Know.

So, I put on my 17 Hours of Tom Waits mp3, and… just spend a little time, you know, with me and my buddy, Tom…


(Not Really!)

You gotta Love Good Old Tom Waits!

I mean… just look at the Guy!

He’s been Dead, like, a Gozillion Times or Something!

He’s been Dead so many times he gots the Boatman Coins permanently glued to the fronts of his eyes and only Satan Knows what’s glued to the Backs…

So, I wouldn’t ask, if I were you.

Just ponder the ekstatic similarosis of the deathgasm to the orgasm and put that into pictures… if you must… if you trust… in the Supremacy… of Dust…

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