Dragon Road Diary

It all started pretty early for me in 1963, the year that JFK was shot.
I was 5 years old and in Kindergarten and had not yet developed my love for books, stories…
I had a series of Visionary Experiences and Coincidental Encounters that led me down this Path.
By the time 1966 came around it was clear I was Destined to become a “Librarian” and a “Dragoneer.”

Of course, none of this was clear to “ME” at the age of 8 years old. But by the time I was in High School
I was convinced that the Answers to the Scientific Questions of our Time, of which, there are many…
Simultaneously functioned as the Clues, the Signposts to be Followed, as the Dragoneer…

Comports along the Extra-Terrestrial Highway, Engaged, with Deep Clarity and Perfect Intention…
In a Thaumaturgickal Treasure Hunt to Know the Dragon… better… to Understand the Dragon… better.

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