Dragon Road Diary

That was 1963. The year that I had my first Vision.
The next two years, 1964-1965, were when we travelled to Japan.
A Land well known for its Dragon Lore! The Dragon Music Box appeared, Stage Left!
Guess what Song that was? Yup. “Puff the Magic Dragon” and I am not shitting you.
I got sick and came down with a bad flu that year.
Guess what Book Mom got me to make me feel better…
Yup. “Dinosaurs” I say! “Dinosaurs”

If that ain’t no Gold Dharmed Dragon Clue then this Gold Manufacturer & Plutonium Prospector
Ain’t got no Hoppers in da Hat Place and go figure the I-Myself-and-Me Quotient Number for that One!

Are we Confused yet?
Then there is no Reason to STOP now is there?

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