The Seventh Wave

Life on Earth will go on after the Sixth Mass Extinction. If Humanity plays its cards well, and timely, the Human Stone currently marooned on Earth will have a chance, a slim chance, at having a Future. Gradually, over time, Human lifespans will steadily increase to millennia, and, the human population, on Earth, and engaged in extra-terrestrial exploration, colonization, and exploitation, will settle into a steady state population of from one to three billion total.

The Human Stone is here to do the Special Dragon Work that requires the Sentient Beings, capable of Empathy and Compassion, attuned to the Cosmic Necessities of Love… to Bring EVEN MORE of what is Beauty and Wonder into the Open Channel of Life. Here come the Librarians! We are ALL… “The Illuminati!”

Repeat after me…

23… twenty-three… square root of four to an order of magnitude plus trinity squared on purpose.

Are we confused yet?

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