The Seventh Wave

If we make it past the year 2100 we will probably make it to the beginning of the Seventh Wave at least three millennia into the future. But make no mistake and do not misunderstand how significant the “Inflection Point” was that the “Human Stone” the Extra-Terrestrial Species currently marooned on planet Earth had reached when the exploitation of Petroleum began and the industrialization of civilization brought human history to this precipice. The three global “World Wars” later came to be known by the Librarians as the “Petroleum Wars” and they wreacked havoc upon the Innocents for over 100 years.

But we all knew, deep down inside, that the future was not set and that uncertainties that came with these times were the reflections of kaleidoscopic possibilities that until now were cleverly beyond our human Imaginations…

But… no more they are! No more! Bear Witness to this Mystery! We are not the same human animals that we were that “blink of an eye” ago, my friend!

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